A Law Firm for The Digital Age. We Provide Legal Services For Video Games Developers and Publishers, Digital Online Content Creators, Social Influencers, E-Sports, E-Commerce and Online Businesses and Much More!


We view our clients as our partners, and because of that view we think long term in understanding your business and your vision for the future.


Our promise to our Clients is to provide real legal guidance and make sure you are fully informed with everything you need to make a decision.


We wont fill your inbox with unnecessary long winded legal memos and documents just to bill fees. Our goal is to provide most efficient and effective legal services for any budget!

Press Start Legal is as innovative as you are! We chose to focus our practice in the interactive & digital entertainment, teach industries, and online and eCommerce businesses because we are fans of the work you do. From video game developers and publishers, e-Sports players/teams/leagues, Youtubers, online content creators, streamers to Social Media Influencers, and tech startups, we speak your language, we understand your tech, and we want to give you the legal support you need to reach your dreams.

Our Practice Areas

Video Games

The interactive entertainment industry would not exist today without Video Games, and Video Games would not exist without the hard work and long hours of development studios and publishers
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Contracts are legally binding and enforceable agreements between two or more parties. When each party formally consents to the terms of the contract, he, she, or it is obligated to adhere to the terms of the contract
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Privacy law

Privacy law is the law that governs a person’s right to have his or her privacy and personal information protected.
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E-Sports recently saw one of the largest growth of any professional sports. What was once regarded by our parents as a waste of our time, with E-Sports Professional Video Game Players are now as popular as Rock Stars!
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Online Content Creators / Social Media Influencer

Streamers, Youtubers, and Social Media Influencers, once you build your fan base and create your brand it’s time to start thinking about how to protect it.
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Advertising law

Advertising law is the law that governs the way that businesses & and their affiliates advertise and market their goods and services.
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A trademark is a symbol, design, word, logo, name, or a combination of these things which is used to label mark the products of a company so that they can be distinguished from the products of other companies.
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Our Team

Alex B. Vanicek is an attorney with offices in Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, Alex represents a diverse array of domestic and international businesses and individuals with commercial litigation and other legal disputes in Florida and Colorado.

Alex Vanicek

Of Counsel

Zachary Rich is the Founding Partner at Press Start Legal, specializing in Interactive Entertainment Industry. While Intellectual Property and Privacy Law are his specialties, Zac regularly advises clients on a variety of advertising/marketing, business contracts, and general commercial matters.

Zachary Rich

Founding Partner


We want to wake up to more amazing games, online content, entertaining streamers, and new technology everyday.


We work hard to understand the trends in our industry. We know your language, we understand your tech, and we want to help you achieve your vision.


We know not all clients can budget for legal services in their projects. Therefore, we offer very competitive hourly rates, and flat fees based on our clients budgets and needs.


No matter if your a start-up in the garage or a multinational company each one of our Clients receives personalized attention to ensure their needs are met.


It's never too late to speak with us regarding your legal issues.

Are you a brand new start-up or an established game developer? Do you run a booming YouTube channel or just uploaded your first video? Are you an E-Sports player who just got offered your first contract or are you an establish player look to protect his/her brand. Press Start Legal makes it very easy to get the legal protection and services you need at the point you’re at with your business. We offer everything from hourly rates to flat-rate packages, and we will customize everything to fit your budget and needs. Reach out to us for a free consultation, and see what pressing start can do for you!

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